Students are required to produce a small essay (data-based) for this assessment task. custom essay

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The scope, nature and description of the assessment task will be developed in consultation with the lecturer. Resources, reading materials and other details relevant to the task will be available on the relevant course website, and please refer to your campus specific course website for these details.

Criteria & Marking:
? Clearly stated focus and central argument or main message (5)
? Linguistic analysis of data and systematic presentation of findings (10)
? Insightful and relevant discussion and interpretation of linguistic analysis, showing ability to use relevant theories and concepts for explanations and argumentation (10)
? Relevant and effective substantiation from literature (5)
? Logical coherence between focus, central argument, analysis, discussion, interpretation and conclusion (5)
? Appropriate essay presentation format with section headings, standard academic discourse and appropriate and accurate referencing (5)

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