Survey Data Collection (Quantitative Research Methods) Custom Essay

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Quantitative research methods use data collected in the research to support the hypothesis. Researchers often use quantitative methods when the data has been collected using a survey or instrument such as a questionnaire. Test scores and other forms of data collected for other purposes can also be used in a quantitative study. Researchers spend years of study to learn the nuances of instrument development. Survey development is a challenging endeavor that involves pilot testing, statistical analysis, and may involve factor analysis and inter-item reliability analysis. These statistical analyses help establish psychometric properties that demonstrate instrument reliability and validity.
An alternative to instrument development is the use of pre-existing measures that contain established psychometric properties. It is important that researchers develop a strong understanding of instrument validity and reliability regardless of whether they build their own survey, modify a pre-existing survey, or utilize a pre-existing survey in its totality. With the advent of the internet, now there are a number of survey data collection tools, including sampling resources, surveys, and tools that assist researchers in increasing survey response rate, which facilitate reducing non-response bias. Below provides resources on internet data collection.

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