Sustainability In Supply Chain Education Research Paper

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During 2011 several issues were discussed in the mainstream Australian media which are of interest to students in operations and supply chain management programmes. There have been controversial positions on pollution and the ?carbon tax?. There was the ?live cattle export? problem. Some of these issues have been related to Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility (elements of the Triple Bottom Line, p. 22 of the textbook).
The concept of sustainability is slightly different and more focused. Sustainable business consists of ?the complex of activities that can be expected to improve the human condition in such a manner that the improvement can be maintained? (Munro, 1995: 29).
Thus far, there has been little integration of ?sustainability? into operations and supply chain management education programmes.
Essay Question:
How can operations and supply chain management units incorporate the topic of ?sustainability? in an efficient and effective manner?
You will need to consider the structure of any particular university in Australia, how it ?works?, and how a particular programme/course is structured. Your ideas should be efficient (not requiring significant resourcing) and effective (educate students so that they thoroughly understand sustainability).
This is an ?operations management? problem involving the introduction of changes to operations to meet strategic objectives. In this case, changes to learning activities need to align with university guidelines or strategic directions.

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