Sustainable Solutions Paper: Applying Complexity Analysis Custom Essay

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Sustainable Solutions Paper: The organization in which the paper is to be based upon is Fluor.

This week, you will begin to apply your understanding of organizations as complex adaptive systems, expanding the scale and scope of your analysis for your Sustainable Solutions Paper.
Please see the detailed handout located in Doc Sharing, “Sustainable Solutions Paper?Complexity Analysis (THIS IS ATTACHED)” for a fuller description of the following required systems expansion analyses:

Fitness Landscape Translation Analysis
Boid Analysis: Rules for your topic?
Ray’s Simulation Translation & Fishing Simulation Translation: Industry Evolution Modeling

The primary formal deliverable in this course is the analysis and writing of a Sustainable Solutions Paper, which has been designed so that you can apply your understanding of strategic thinking, systems thinking, complexity analysis, and sustainability analysis to an organization of your choice (The company is Fluor). Your final paper will utilize approximately 20 sources and follow APA format. The minimum page length is 35 and the maximum page length is 70 pages. For your final solutions paper. For more information about your final deliverable, please review the Sustainable Solutions Paper guide (SEE ATTACHED) This Application requires the use of the template located DDBA8160 SSP Template (SEE ATTACHED). Also review the Sustainable Solutions Paper Application Rubric (SEE ATTACHED).

During Week 7, you will finalize all components of your SSP. Be sure to incorporate feedback you have received from your Instructor and your colleagues. (The previous paper Sustainable Solutions Part I and II with the instructors feedback will be attached in order to make corrections to this week?s paper for your reference.)

There will be a Sustainable Solutions Paper ? Applying Complexity Analysis Handout as well as several other documents and templates needed that will be needed as well in writing the paper. I will attach this document.

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