Systemic Review What is a Systematic Review Research Paper

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The AHRQ definition is a good one. While you’re on that page, read the related terms evidence table and meta-analysis.
Next, read the article outlining a set of criteria for evaluating a systematic review by Ciliska and colleagues in Evidence-Based Nursing.
Then read the systematic review written by Fredericks and colleagues on post-operative patient education. Critique the article, using the criteria in Ciliska paper.

Some general tips for providing critique (in any situation):
1. Begin by pointing out at least one good thing. You may wish to end this way, too, “sandwiching” your critical comments between complimentary ones.
2. When critiquing an article, imagine that you are speaking directly to the author, not to an anonymous someone you will never personally meet. The author(s) probably put a great deal of effort into the manuscript, so treat them with respect. This builds relationships among colleagues, enhances your reputation as a professional, and helps build your skills in providing feedback respectfully. This skill will be useful in other situations.
3. When making critical remarks, follow with a suggestion for improvement. If you make a suggestion, you provide assistance, not mere criticism. A fictional example from a study comparing two methods of discharge teaching: “In Table 2, the data presented show more readmissions after group teaching than after multiple-method teaching, but the authors concluded in the text that the two methods were equal. The authors should correct the table if it is in error, revise the conclusions, or explain why the differences between the two groups were considered unimportant.”

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