Task and Process Custom Essay

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Task and Process: Making use of the topic below and the reading attached, write a short, researched, argumentative essay. Read the source carefully and critically, and form a thesis that argues a distinct position on the topic. Outside of class, find at least one more authoritative source, and create an outline for an essay. Bring this research and written work to class for discussion.

Purpose and Format: The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to write an effective argument supported by evidence from sources. Emphasis will be on developing your argument primarily in your own words, backed up with summaries, quotations, and/or paraphrases from the article and your research. Cite these two sources using MLA documentation standards (or APA based on your class) both within the essay and on a works cited list at the end. Your final essay should be 400-600 words in length.

Topic: Nature
Recent research reveals a trend toward children experiencing nature less frequently in their lives, with possible far-reaching consequences. After reading the attached article and conducting additional research, write an essay that argues a distinct thesis, and refer directly to each of your sources to support your argument.

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