The aim of this sub-task is to produce a briefing paper for the NewViews Board of Directors, who have limited knowledge about BIM, on BIM Implementation Custom Essay

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This report should focus, in particular, upon information relevant to BIM implementation for a “construction management” organization, such as NewViews. However, it should also provide information on how this fits into the wider context of BIM usage by all project stakeholders (e.g. clients, architects, engineers, surveyors, subcontractors).

The briefing paper should address the following questions:

• What is BIM?
• What are the current industry drivers relating to BIM adoption?
• What are the information requirements from different BIM models?
• What are the opportunities and challenges for BIM adoption by a construction management organization?
• What are the key issues to be considered regarding the impact of BIM adoption upon people within an organization?

The briefing paper should also provide information on the following two areas of BIM implementation:

• BIM use in the pre-construction phase
• BIM use during the construction phase

Your briefing paper should describe and critically evaluate the BIM concept, usage and its impact. It must be supported by academic research, industry best practice examples and analysis of available BIM tools.

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