The beginning of the sample description look better; HOWEVER, something’s are missing Custom Essay

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The beginning of the sample description look better; HOWEVER, something’s are missing. You didn’t put everything

in it!
You had about 14-15 pages of sample description in your last version but now you only have like 4 lines. You left

a lot of things out.
The data you had in your last version is different from what you reported in your new version.
YOU HAVE TO BACK IN the percentage of those you said were Muslims (was it about 10%) and the percent of those

that were Christians since your reported it in your last version you submitted.
You have different data now and it shouldn’t be.
Also, YOU DO NOT have the n in here. N = Numbers. With the percentages you have written, you need to tell us what

number each percentage represents.
You have to write “n women” which means number of women and then in PARENTHESIS the percentage. Or you could

write the percentage and in parenthesis what n is. One is not SUFFICIENT. You have to write the n and also the

You added Osteoporosis knowledge as part of your Sample description. Health Belief Scale also. Those should be

part of your specific aims and not sample description.
You have to match the results to what you wrote in Chapter 3. I KEEP TELLING YOU THAT, but you are doing it!!!
Reading what you have here, nobody is going to know what it means
In chapter 3, you said the range score was from something to something with higher number equals greater

knowledge or less knowledge whatever it means
Then when you record it, you have to make sure that people get it
You necessarily do not have to repeat it. It depends on what you are writing about whether you repeat that

sentence saying the higher scores equals greater or of the instrument itself breaks it down into scores.
For example, if you are measuring depression, scores can range from 0-32 and any score and any scores over 16

scores in the depression range. THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE!!!
What people need to be able to do when they read the result is to automatically know what it means
Look back in Chapter 3; match what you said you would do with the results section. YOU ARE NOT DOING THAT AT

ALL!!! You need to make sure you follow the plan specified in Chapter 3


Looking at CHAPTER 3 on PAGE 65, you specific aims state
Specific Aims:
1. To describe postmenopausal AA women’s knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors about osteoporosis.
2. To describe postmenopausal AA women’s bone health promotion behaviors, such as calcium and vitamin D intake,

and bone health promoting physical activity.
3. To describe postmenopausal AA women’s barriers to engaging in bone health promotion activities.
4. Further to the aims identified, the study correlated demographic variables with key study variables to

determine any potential associations.
You need to answer all the specific aims including Number 4 which wasn’t number in Chapter 3 but should know it

is still part of your SPECIFIC AIM, RIGHT!!!
You need to report the SPECIFIC AIMS under a specific aim heading different from the Sample Description.
Your Specific Aim is not part of your sample description
Under the Specific Aim is where you would put postmenopausal AA women knowledge, beliefs, and bone promotion

behaviors about osteoporosis as that comes from the Knowledge questionnaire
Under the Specific Aims is where you put the scores
Under Specific Aims is where you put the scores about postmenopausal AA women’s behaviors, weight and non weight

bearing NOT under sample description
Answer each specific aim separately
The specific aims are to describe what you stated each specific aim should describe as stated in Chapter 3 and as

I have them posted here for you from Specific Aim 1 to 4.
The numbers are what you get from the instrument and should be under research aim
Also, your research aim #4 states you are to correlate some of the demographic characteristics with key variables

(Knowledge, Belief, Behaviors, etc) to determine potential association, which I DID NOT SEE that you did
You were going to determine if there was a relationship between demographic factors
YOU SAID AGE NUMBER MOST months post menopause but the answer is not in the Sample description. You have to add

Did you have them report age at menopause because with age at menopause, you have to compare that to the mean age

of the group
Correlate age at menopause with the variables stated
That could be for example, the mean age at menopause was 49.3, mean age of the sample is 60 point something or

whatever it is, etc and correlate that
What we want to see is if there is any relationship between age at menopause and osteoporosis knowledge,

osteoporosis bone promotion behaviors etc.
With age at menopause, you should find out for each woman how old she was at menopause
All these should be part of your data that you collected from participants so it shouldn’t be a problem, RIGHT!!!
You asked how old each woman was when she entered menopause, RIGHT!!!
Menopause is 12 months post menstrual period
Or if it was that you asked about last date of last menstrual period, you could add 12 months to it to be age at

As women get older farther from menopause, does that make a difference in their attitude and bone promotion

behaviors? We need to know
Answer all the Specific aim questions as you have them listed from number 1 to 4. You have to be THOROUGH by

including all the necessary points in each section of the specific aim
You will need to correlate age with your main outcome variables (Knowledge, Beliefs, Behaviors, etc)
Do postmenopausal AA women engage in more osteoporosis prevention behaviors post menopause or not necessarily

based on your data?
What about living arrangements?

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