The Comparison of Football and baseball; “Football and baseball as a sport in general or two teams or two player in particular” Custom Essay

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This paper is to employ the expository technique of comparison/contrast. Concrete, sensory detail must be used in the paper; general, unsupported statements should be avoided. Because of this requirement, this subjects being compared should be physical in nature or should allow for the inclusion of physical description. This should not be a comparison of two religions or two philosophies. Students may not write about anything that involves abortion, gun control, capital punishment, or same-sex issues. Students may select from one of the topics listed below. Students are also free to devise their own topics for this paper.
–Football and baseball as a sport in general or two teams or two players in particular
–reading a book and watching a movie. This topic could focus on movies and books in general or could look at a specific book that was made into a movie.
–electronic communication and in-person communication.
–a shotgun and a rifle or hunting with a bow and arrow compared to hunting with a rifle.

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