The deep Water Horizon crisis in the context of legal and HRM issues Custom Essay

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You have been tasked to investigate the Deep Water Horizon crisis in the context of legal and HRM issues. Discuss the legal implications of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico for BP, examine how effective human resource management could have assisted in the prevention of this disaster and illustrate the impact of the disaster to BP’s future operations.

You have to make all decisions on the outline of your assignments. You will be marked on the quality of your decision making and discussion.

You should find, read and use at least 10 additional literature sources (Consisting of a variety of different sources, e.g text books, academic journals, reliable websites and news media )

Key points

The essay will be assessed using the following criteria;

Summary of the case 20%
Understanding of legal issues 20%
Impact of the case to BP’s future operations 20%
Identification of HRM issues 20%
Structure, use of resources and referencing 20%

Additional credit will be given for the following:
Quality of research
Depth of understanding
Well-supported arguments
Accurate referencing in line with the LBS standard referencing guide
Good standard of academic writing
Correct format

Your reference list should contain only details of the sources you mention in your work.

General information

Do not rely on long quotations to illustrate a point, but use quoted material to defend or highlight an argued

points. Reduce the amount of quoted material to paraphrased ideas or short phrases as opposed to long sentences.

Quoted material is intended to support your ideas, not provide the direction of the assignment. Also, quoted

material should not stand alone, but be incorporated into the text.

Your assignment (maximum 2,000 words) is to be submitted using double spacing, Ariel 10 or 12 point font, with

page numbers in the bottom right hand corner. Do not extend your effort beyond the word limit. Part of the

assessment is to show an ability to edit your work and succinctly use the word guidelines. Consult the student

handbook regarding penalties when these guidelines are ignored.

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