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Weighting: 100%
Word limit: 2500 words maximum
Due date: Friday 18th May 2012, 5.00pm
Activity: Individual written assignment
Task description:
This assignment requires you to write a 2500 words maximum, and reference list) individual essay on the following topic:
Compare and contrast the use of different Public Health Nutrition approaches – lifestyle, biological/technical, socio-ecological, rights-based and strength-based approaches – for a particular lifecourse stage in a setting familiar to you.
The dietary patterns and nutrition for girls teenagers in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

In your introductory paragraph, you need to define the context in which you are discussing the topic- in the United Arab Emirates ; (in some cases it may be appropriate to draw evidence from a range of developed or developing countries), in a particular geographic setting urban/rural or socioeconomic group, or in specific population .
In your assignment, make sure that you include:
• The particular nutritional needs for the girls teenagers ..lifecourse stage?
• A description of the problem and an broad understanding of the “causes” of the problem (both epidemiologically determined risk factors, socio cultural roots, and structural factors); two examples
Vitamin D deficiency
Iron-deficiency anaemia
• A description of the population and setting in which you are situating your discussion
• Whether you focus is on community/district, regional or national level action
• Barriers that exist to achieving good nutritional health in this population
• Description of at least one example of the use of each approach lifestyle, biological/technical, socio-ecological, rights-based and strength-based approaches in your context
• The pros and cons of each approach lifestyle, biological/technical, socio-ecological, rights-based and strength-based approaches;
• Any ethical implications raised by various approaches;
• Any other considerations in decision making regarding allocation of resources to approaches in PHN;
• Recommendations for government regarding best use of available resources regarding PHN approaches, including possible strategies and programs, or range of programs, that would provide a good starting point for addressing priorities nutrition issues in this lifespan stage
As in the course readings, you are expected to draw on a range of orientations in your selected reference materials . E.g. Epidemiological, public health, social science, and systems orientations.
Individual essays may vary, but in general, it is suggested that you aim to identify 20- 25 peer review research articles that illustrate and support the main points of your paper.
Assignment formatting
Please ensure that your assignment complies with the following formatting specifications. Assignments that do not comply with these specifications will not be marked.
Format: A single Word document file
Page size: Standard A4
Margins: All margins at least 2.0cm
Font: At least 12 point and Times New Roman only
Line spacing: 1.5
Tables: Tabulated information may be included if contained within the page limits provided.
Pay attention to using a consistent and correct referencing style – refer to UQ library “how-to” guides if you are unsure. You are encouraged to use Harvard referencing style.
i attached some peer review articles which you can use them in writing the essay but should found more peer review articles.

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