The Great Gatsby

1. From Chapter 6 and previous material as well, what are as many of the rumors and gossip about Gatsby as you can find? That is, what do people at his parties think of who and what he is? Tom has a few words to say about this, too, and will have more in the remaining chapters! 2, What character do you admire/like the most so far in this book? Why? If possible as part of your response, give a quote or two to illustrate your thoughts. 3. What character do you dislike the most so far and why? Again, if possible, give a quote or two to illustrate your thoughts. 4. What is your opinion of the people who come to Gatsbys many parties, and why (excluding Nick and Jordan, please)? What do you think Fitzgerald is saying about these rich people who attend Gatsbys gatherings, and, by extrapolation, the real life rich people of his day? 5. What do you think the truth of Gatsbys past and present is by the time you are done with Chapter 6? That is, in brief terms, who was he as a youth, what was the truth of his and Daisys past, and how/why did Gatsby become who he is now in the present time of the action of the book, to your best interpretation/knowledge?

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