The impact of Basel III on European banking sector custom essay

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The tougher new Basel III start taking effect in the year of 2013, which aims to make banks more resilient by forcing them to hold more and better quality capital against unexpected losses. Basel III will have significant impact on the European banking sector as the industry face about $1.1 trillion Tire 1 capital shortfall, an additional of $1.3 trillion of short-term liquidity and about $2.3 trillion of long-term funding by the end of 2019. This essay will exam the impacts of Basel III on the capital, liquidity, ratios and funding of the European banking sector and more importantly,(about one page) how banks might respond for the capital shortfall and improve their capital efficiency. (As Basel iii requires for a higher level of capital reserve, how is this going to impact on bank’s profitability as banks might choose to cut lending)(About 2-2.5 pages). Last but not least, what is your personal opinion on the tougher new Basel III, do you think that by asking banks to hold more capital against their risk-weight-asset can save banks from financial crisis? (about 1.5-2 pages)

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