The Impact of Stress Management on Employee Productivity in a UAE Public Organization: The Case of The Ministry of Interior (MOI) Custom Essay

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The Preliminary Thesis (15,000?20,000 words) must include:
– A brief introduction and problem statement;
– The definitive research question and its justification (from both managerial and academic points of view);
– An improved literature review and outline of research gaps (critical analysis of scientific knowledge);
– The expected methodology rigorously presented and justified;
– A pilot project/study only if consistent with Research Objectives (i.e. it is not an end in itself), which describes a preliminary empirical investigation (equivalent to a pre-test) that demonstrates the feasibility of the empirical study and outlines key issues;
– a bibliography (Harvard or APA style).

The ordered 11550 words for preliminary thesis i want it to be also merged with the previous written literature review all together will be covering the top final word count in the instruction.
Please keep in mind learning goals and objectives of Stage 1 :
At the end of Stage 1, students should have achieved the following criteria:
Goal 1. Acquire sufficient expertise in research designs and methods to undertake a doctoral-level research project.
Learning Objective 1. The DBA candidate can define and state a research question.
Learning Objective 2. The DBA candidate can write a clear and coherent research proposal.
Learning Objective 3. The DBA candidate demonstrates the ability to prepare and deliver a pilot project.
Goal 2. Acquire a state-of-the-art understanding of theory and practice in the focal research area.
Goal 2 focuses on the literature review process. In a literature review, students must demonstrate their detailed knowledge of areas of specialization and be able to identify gaps or avenues for further research.
Learning Objective 1. The DBA candidate can identify appropriate bodies of knowledge.
Learning Objective 2. The DBA candidate can undertake a critical analysis of extant literature.

I need to review the document with my supervisor part by part please before it gets finalize.

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