“The Information” Write an argumentative essay in which you engage with Gopnik’s essay Custom Essay

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In “The Information,” Adam Gopnik discusses the benefits and drawbacks of emerging
technologies and their potential effects on thinking, human psychology, culture, and social
interaction. Gopnik identifies and comments on the three camps in the Internet debate: the
“Never-Betters,” the “Better-Nevers,” and the “Ever-Wasers.” Enter this conversation. Write
an argumentative essay in which you engage with Gopnik’s essay. For example, you might
argue for or against one of the camp’s positions. Or you might agree and/or disagree with one
or more of Gopnik’s claims. Or you might write about the ways in which “The Information”
changed or reinforced your view on technology. In any case, be sure to frame your argument
in response to Gopnik’s essay. Your essay should be 5-6 pages.
Sources: The essay should make use of 3-4 college-level sources including Gopnik’s “The
Information.” The sources should be credible, relevant, and appropriate for an academic
essay. At least one source must be found through a library subscription database such as
ProQuest, EBSCOhost, CQ Researcher, etc. Choose your sources wisely. Do not exceed the
number of sources indicated.
Purpose/Audience: All assignment requirements must be followed, and the essay should
fulfill its intended purpose. The writing and sources should be appropriate for an academic
Thesis/Reasoning/Support: The main point of the essay should be clear to the audience and
articulated in an effective, debatable thesis statement. The thesis statement should appear
toward the end of the introduction. The essay should present a reasonable argument and be
developed thoroughly. Claims and assumptions should be defended, and opposing points of
view should be anticipated and refuted. Ideas should be supported with specific evidence and
analysis. The writing should be focused and relevant to the thesis and should demonstrate
credibility and critical thinking. The essay should have an effective title.
Organization/Paragraphs: The order of paragraphs should be effective and logical.
Paragraphs should be focused, developed thoroughly, and appropriate in length. Paragraph
breaks should occur in meaningful places. Supporting body paragraphs should contain topic
sentences that adequately characterize the full scope of the paragraph and echo the thesis.
Introduction should exist as a separate paragraph and capture the reader’s attention.
Conclusion should exist as a separate paragraph and offer closure. Sentences within
paragraphs should be organized in a meaningful way. The writing should transition smoothly
between and within paragraphs.
Sentences: Sentences should be clear, concise, and convey their intended meaning. They
should be complete with no sentence fragments. Sentences should not run on, and comma
splices should be eliminated. Sentences should use verbs, pronouns, modifiers, prepositions,
and punctuation correctly. They should maintain a consistent and appropriate point of view.
Sentences should be varied and engaging.
Words: Words should be chosen with care. They should be specific and accurate. Slang,
clichés, and offensive language should be avoided. Tone, formality, and language should be
appropriate for an academic audience. Words should be spelled correctly. Correct
capitalization should be used. The entire essay should be proofread carefully.
MLA: MLA style is required for formatting the essay. Follow the MLA sample paper.
Summaries, paraphrases, and quotations from source material should be integrated smoothly
and should be followed by accurate MLA in-text citations. An MLA list of works cited is
required. The works cited should appear as a separate page at the end of your essay. It is not
part of the page count. Refer to Rules for Writers for MLA information and examples.

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