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use appropriate economic concepts and techniques to address the issues that you are asked about.
you need to provide a clear, logical and succinct argument.
you are expected to do some independent research.
you are required to fully reference the piece of writing that you submit. This requires that where an idea has been drawn from a scholarly source, you identify that source. Referencing should be complete, comprehensive and consistent. That is, any reference that you list should allow the reader to go to that source and confirm that the arguments espoused in the writing are in fact derived from that source. Harvard referencing is recommended. A Harvard Referencing Guide is provided on Blackboard.
you need to use appropriate language and submit a professional piece of work. Avoid slang or colloquial terms; check spelling and grammar; use appropriate language given who you are being asked to write for. IS TO BE NO MORE THAN 750 WORDS IN LENGTH. Any essay exceeding the word limit will be penalised. Markers will have the right to stop marking after 750 words. The word count must be stated at the beginning of the essay.

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