The Roles of a Business Analyst

Writing Requirements APA format 3–4 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list) Use the APA template located in the Course Information folder to complete the assignment. 1. Most business analysts appear to work for IT, but is that the right place to be for a profession whose mission is in the business realm? 2. List all the roles business analyst plays and explain why each of the role is important for business analytics. 3. Explain, why relationships between business analyst and stakeholders are so complicated. How can business analyst manage conflict situations? Give examples. 4. What is the process to follow to increase the changes of successful problem solving in the business? 5. How is the product scope defined? 6. What’s the best way to create the business case? Is it the job of the business analyst? 7. How does ethics come into play when dealing with business analysis?

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