The tortilla curtain reading journals CHAPTER 5-8 PARTthis writing about the book “The Tortilla Curtain” From CHAPTER 5 TO 8 Custom Essay

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These notes can and should focus on character analysis ( and all things relating to that) and theme (and all things that support those subjects and ideas/interpretations, But NOT a retelling or a summary of the story and its Plot. The first part journals should be notes and developed thoughts in response to what you have read in the novel that concerns both characterization and meaning(theme). So, for example, what does it mean to you that the chapters alternate between the four characters? what purposes does this achieve in the effect of the novel and its character or thematic development? Again, the journal entries are about your thoughts in response to the novel’s characters, events, structure, style, etc.

These journal should express your thought about the characters and themes in response to what you have read in the novel. Please tell more about one specific character.


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