The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I learn Best custom essay

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Following is the instrctions given by the professor.(1)Complete “The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I learn Best?” located on the VARK Web site at http/ “OK” to receive your questionnaire scores.(3) Once you have determined your preferred learning style,review the corresponding link to view your learning preference. (4) Review the other learning styles:visual,aural,read/writ,kinesthetic,and multimodal (listed on the VARK questionnaire Result page). (5) Compare your preferred learning style strategies to the identified strategies for your preferred learning style. (6) Appraise how this will change your way of study,if any (7) In a paper summarize your analysis of this exercise. Include the following: (a) provide a summary of your learning style. (b) List your preferred learning strategies. (c) Compare your preferred learning strategies to the identified strategies for your preferred learning style.(d) Appraise any change you need to make in your study habits.(e) Cite a minimum of three references in the paper. (8) Although the topic of this assignment refers to your individual learning style,avoid the use of first persone tone (words such as (“I,we,our”)in your essay.

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