This assignment is meant to encourage close textual analysis of the action, thematic concerns, character-development, language, and structure of a single scene Custom Essay

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It also asks you to relate the specific features you choose to discuss to the development of the drama as a whole and to other scenes in other dramas we have studied:

Refer to a performance or film version of the play in question.

In your discussion of the scene you have selected, reflect upon the following five questions, which are of equal importance. Your essay can be organized in any way you like. Do, however, avoid a mechanical, point-by-point response to these questions. The more specific and detailed your analysis, the better.

1. How does the scene forward the action of the drama? How, that is, does its action directly relate to what precedes and follows it?

2. What new issues are raised or new dilemmas are posed? Of what significance are they to the play as a whole ?

3. With reference to a single character of your choice, discuss how this scene’s representation of the character differs from that of earlier or later scenes of the play.

4. What are some distinctive features of its language? Discuss with reference to at least one of the following: (1) word-play (2) use of a significant word or phrase that appears elsewhere in the play (3) significant use of verbal patterning, rhyme or metre

5. As a dramatic unit, compare this scene with any other specific scene(s) in this
play or in other plays studied so far in this course. Comment on interesting similarities or differences. If you wish, you may use any of the above questions as a point of reference.

All these books are issued by Oxford world’s classics.

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