This is a group project so you will be completing my portion of the PowerPoint Presentation Custom Essay

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This is a group project so you will be completing my portion of the PowerPoint Presentation. You do not need to create a fancy PowerPoint. Just put everything on white slides.

Each slide should have about 3 to 4 bullet points. No more than 10-12 words on each bullet point.

Each slide should have DETAILED speaker notes with in-text citations. At least 300 words each.

DETAILS on the Presentation:

Prepare Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in addition to a chain of custody that proposes forensic evidence to be collected and analyzed in investigating the following hypothetical case:

***A murdered 18-year old female victim found on the bank of a river.***

Slide 1: Introduction To The Forensic Presentation

Slide 2 & Slide 3: Address the following in your presentation – A list of all team members present at the scene and their functions.

Team Member Names: Cook, Kelly, Olson, and Murray.

Who I thought would be at crime scene (you can change to best answer if needed): Police Officers, Crime Scene Investigation Unit/Evidence Recovery Technician, Medical Examiner, and Detectives/Lead Investigator

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