This work contains two parts: feedback and a letter Custom Essay

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Performance Feedback Assignment

This assignment involves performing a task in class and then providing performance feedback on that same task to a peer.

The assignment has three parts:

1 – Performing the task:
– You will be given a task to do ahead of class time.
– You will perform the task, following the instructions to the best of your abilities.

2 – You will do a random exchange of work with your peers:
– You will make notes on the performance of your peer.
– It will be important to note specific aspects of the performance so that you are prepared to provide constructive feedback.

3 – You have meeting #1, in which you will provide feedback to your peer or he/she will provide feedback to you; thus you are either the leader or employee:
– As the leader, you will conduct a 15-minute evaluative interview with your peer.
– As the leader, you will introduce the meeting, provide feedback and close the meeting.
– As the leader, you should also ask for input from your peer – e.g., how did she/he believe he/she performed, did he/she have questions about the feedback etc.
– During the interview it will be important to provide constructive, specific, concrete feedback communicating what was done well and what needs improvement.

4 – You will meet with another peer and switch roles, if you were the leader you will now be the employee and vice versa.
– You will follow the same instructions as found in Step 3.

On your own time – outside of the classroom.

5 – You write a feedback report to the peer whose work you evaluated.
– Communicate in this report what you thought of his/her work, the criteria used for evaluation and how the evaluation will be used. Only write what is honest, be candid & clear but also kind.

6 – Write a reflective analysis of your experience
– What worked well? What didn’t?
– What conclusions did you reach?
– What did you learn?
– See below for more information

Reflection and Analysis:
The following questions are about issues you should address in the reflection of the interview process, however, you may either answer them as questions, or weave your answers together into an analysis of the whole experience. Be sure to provide specific and concrete examples of how you conducted the interview.

Reflecting on my feedback to the candidate (30 marks – note that all three questions require that you use the theory and research presented in the readings to support your answers, the marks will be heavily influenced by your ability to correctly apply this material)
• How did the readings by Canon and Witherspoon (2005) and Silverman et al. (2005) influence the way in which you spoke to your peer about his/her performance?
• Do you think the models presented apply well to the nature of feedback you provided, and if yes, how did you use it?
• How do you think you might have used their model to guide your own acceptance of criticism related to own performance?

Reflecting on my skills as a leader conducting the evaluation interview (15 marks)
• Based on your experience and knowledge of how performance interviews should be conducted, do you think you were a good interviewer? Do you believe you acted in a professional manner? Please justify your answer.
• Were you in control of the interview, or did your peer manage to takeover and steer the interview in a way that allowed them to influence your evaluation?
• Consider how you introduced yourself to your peer and how you closed the interview. Did this go as you had planned it? If not, what would you change?
• What standard did you use to evaluate your peer’s performance? Did you explain this standard to your peer?
• Overall, what aspect of conducting the interview did you find most difficult? How would you make it easier for yourself next time?

Format & grammar (5 marks)
Your written command on the English language will be important to your ability to communicate as a leader. Grammar will be heavily weighted in these 5 marks, so be sure to proof read your assignment before handing it in for grading.

In total, the reflection and analysis should be about 3 to 5 pages long and should be in a 12-point font. A cover page or report cover is not necessary.
As a clarification, I wanted to communicate to everyone that the report to your peer component of the assignment should be written in the format of a formal business letter and should be no longer than about 2/3 of a page, single spaced with formatting matching that of a business communication. This component of the assignment will be worth 20 marks.
The analysis and reflection component of the assignment is worth 50 marks, and involves answering the questions posed on the assignment sheet. This component of the assignment should not be longer than 5 pages double spaced.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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