Throughout this course, you will be developing a plan for a facility, either new or a renovation. custom essay

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For the first week, you are required to research health care facilities in your area that are either new or are being renovated, and that will help you select your project focus. Your selections will be limited to an ambulatory care clinic, a clinic within a hospital, such as an emergency room, surgical center, or an OB unit, a family clinic, an outpatient clinic, or a long-term care facility.
Write a 700-1,050 word paper describing your selected facility. Include the following elements:
1) Community or facility need for the building or renovation
2) Type of population you are serving
3) Description of the facility that you have selected
See ?Facility Planning ? Part I? on the rEsource page for more information.
This assignment is due Week One.
1. ** Be advised, you will be required to download the latest version of SmartDraw Healthcare software to complete your Week One and Four assignment. The link is located on the rEsource page in Week One and Week Four for your convenience. Follow the instructions for proper installation. **

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