To work on the proposal as prescribed below: How do online stores affect and compete with retail stores? custom essay

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Detail investigation includes:
?composition of structures between the 2 industries, using illustration of 3 sample companies for each industry
(to include for online store, Zara and Wal-mart for retail store. leave the rest for author to fill)
?how and what are the events that affects the competition between the 2 industries
?evaluation on the overall effects on the outcome of the 2 industries

Objectives to be achieved as follows:
?To identify the consumer shopping patterns shifts between the 2 industries, drawing the comparisons and contrast.
?To research and study into the various company structure and business theories.
?To research into relevant articles to give better understanding of the practical aspect of the business theories.
?Analyze the data for relevant findings and research into the causes of the evaluation.
?Summarize the result of the investigation.

Completed proposal shall cover the following sections:

1) Introduction
2) Preliminary literature review
3) Research methodology
4) Outcome and time table

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