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1) Bachelor degree in Sociology and Social work, GPA 4.66/5 with second honor, from King Adulaziz University.
2) Deploma of Computer Trainers Qualifing, GPA 5/5 with honor, from Aljaddarat Women’s Training Institute.

Social experiences leaded me to study Social work:
1) when my grandfather died, my grandmother was left alone with no support. then I noticed her situation, her case made me so sad and aware of what seniors may have after losing family members, then I offered a lot of help in getting around and complete her shopping. I also made her a ware about all rights and social security benefits from the government.
2) I volunteered to rescue and rehab efforts to help victims of the flood in Jeddah city who lost their belongings and relatives.

Work experiences:
1) I trained as a Social Worker at AL Ansari Hospital in Yanbu city from 01/08/2011 to 01/01/2012
2) I worked as a Social Worker in Al-Rehab National School in Jeddah City from 29/01/2012 to 26/04/2012

English-language requirement:
I started from level one at English Language Center of Michigan State University and now I am in level 4 , So I finished 3 levels.
In addition, I am planing to take the last level which is 5 .

Why I chose Michigan State University?
1) it has a high rank between US universities
2) it offers master degree in Clinical Social Work while
saudi universities so far dont offer this branch of social work.

Why I chose this major?
I think that the social work is the highest profession in the world and that it deals with a social level in solving the problems of

people and provide a happy life for them and also because it is in my view a humanitarian profession Unlike other jobs.
There is no more beautiful than the participate people and work to improve their social life.

My goals after graduated:
obtain a doctoral degree in the same field and then return to Saudi Arabia to work in one of the social institutions such as hospitals

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