Turkle, Internet Connection and Authenticity Custom Essay

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Critically evaluate a claim of Turkle’s that there is a serious social problem generated by our interaction through the Internet, where this problem is understandable through the lens of the concept of authenticity.
One of your tasks will be to identify some such claim about an important downside of our Internet interaction, and to explain carefully the nature of the problem (that is, the nature of the Internet interaction and its impact on us that she is concerned about). You’ll also need to clarify what is meant by authenticity, and how this problem is connected with this idea.
Finally, note that to answer the question you will need to decide which side you are going to take concerning whether it is, upon reflection, a serious problem or not. Therefore: Your thesis statement should be EITHER that (a) yes, the problem you identify is in fact a very serious problem or downside with the interaction, OR ELSE that (b) no, it is not, on reflection, so serious a problem

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