Understanding and Managing Organisations; Each answer should develop a critical analysis of the research being presented and where relevant include case study examples which can help you apply the research Custom Essay

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1. Describe at least two models of group development e.g. Tuckman or Belbin, and examine the implications of them for effective group work. (arnd 500 words)
2. What is a psychological contract? To what extent is it significant in the management of people within organisations? (arnd 500 words)
3. To what extent is leadership different to management? Discuss using appropriate examples (arnd 500 words)
4. What does the term ‘resistance to change’ mean and how does it relate to concepts of power? Illustrate with relevant theory and examples. (arnd 500 words)
5. To what extent are the expectancy and equity theories of motivation based on the assumption that people make conscious choices about their behaviours and plan their actions? (arnd 500 words)

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