Unpractical Ideas and practices in Buddhism Custom Essay

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Explain how the Buddhist tradition changed over time as Buddhists discovered that some of their ideals and practices were not practical, and as they faced internal critique from other Buddhists. Discuss three big changes which happened in either belief or practice–what were the issues at stake and how, as a result of these changes, the Buddhist community has taken on its modern shape.
1) Discuss the social and political factors for the spread and appeal of Buddhism and Confucianism in Koryo. How did social and political climates impact the reception and development of Buddhism and Confucianism? Which aspects of Buddhism and Confucianism were appealing or unappealing to different groups of people in Koryo periods? In what ways were Buddhism and Confucianism compatible or incompatible with each other and indigenous beliefs?

2) Scholars argue that the term the “Three han” (samhan) started possessing various meanings toward late Koryo period, and the emergence of new meaning can be discussed within the context of formation of collective identity among Koreans. Toward to the end of Koryo period, how was “three han” used and adopted (in the comparison of its usage in previous period)? Also How do you perceive the collective identity formed in late Koryo period?

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