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Assignment 3 – (50%) Due 18th May
Professional Practice Essay (1500 words)
This assignment asks you to think about your future professional practice or field. With this in mind, critically reflect on your future profession and how you will apply what you have learned through this course. You will need to include some background or relevant theory, a description of your future/chosen profession and some of the protocols relevant to that profession.

You are asked to:

Choose a profession.

You may use your future profession or choose one that interests you from the following:
Media; journalism; film; creative writing; poetry; multi-media; public relations or television

Critically analyse the profession:

• What does your chosen profession do in an attempt to protect Indigenous interests? For example does it have a professional code of conduct, guidelines, protocols etc?

Provide a brief discussion on these protocols, guidelines or codes.

• For example, you might explain what they are and how they relate to your chosen profession and how you would apply them in practice.

In your opinion, do these protocols etc go far enough? Why/why not? What improvements could be made?

Remember, assessment of your assignments will take into account:
• Relevance of your answer to the question or task set
• Clarity of expression, logical planning and sequence, and use of inclusive language
• Supporting documentation for arguments
• Proper acknowledgement of documentation and use of a bibliographic convention
• Overall presentation, including correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
• Comprehensive coverage reflecting engagement with set readings, texts and other relevant materials
• 7 – 10 references required – not included in word count
• At least 4 from the course readings
• No more than 4 web sites

• Refer to appropriate documents on course home page

• 1.5 – double line spacing
• Headings are allowed but are not included in word count
• Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font

If you copy information direct from a text, make sure you use quotes and page numbers according to the Harvard reference style. Quotes are not included in the word count. Please use the Harvard referencing style – guidelines can be found at the following address:

Re-marking and re-submission are not permitted

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