Use the information you have acquired from class, readings, videos Custom Essay

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Use as many sources as needed. would be preferred as one of the sources
Make sure you use proper Chicago citations.

Label each section of the question accordingly, ie. (A), (B), (C).

Use your classroom text as the resources for answering the parts of the essay.

This is the Mid Term Question Below.

Answer all sections of the essay to the best of your ability and knowledge. Use the

information you have acquired from class, readings, videos. Please remember to use your

classroom text for your citations. Be cautious when using quotes, don’t overdue it. Make

sure you explain yourself completely and make sure you answer the questions “why and how”

the historical realities occurred.

Discuss the affects of the Cold War on global history from 1945-1960.

a. Make a case for both American and Soviet responsibility for the outbreak of the Cold


b. Evaluate the impact of the Cold War on domestic events in the US.

c. Assess the Cold War influence on US policy in the Western Hemisphere and Southeast Asia

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