Validation Exercise in measurement of Iron (method in lab analysis) Custom Essay

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Consider the following scenario: You are the project manager of a pilot study aimed at developing a new methodology for your laboratory for the measurement of iron in aqueous samples. However, you are undecided as to which technique you are going to use to quantify the iron content in these extracts as you do not know what form the iron is present in. After careful consideration of all of the resources at your disposal you discover that you have four techniques to choose from:
Molecular Spectroscopy – Colorimetric assay
Volumetric – Redox Titration
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) – Flame AAS
Cation Exchange Chromatography – Equivalent Mineral Acidity (EMA) method
You decide to investigate the merits of all four techniques and engage in a validation exercise using the expertise of two different laboratories in a collaborative study. The laboratories have been provided with a range of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) and six unknown samples of iron to investigate each of the techniques. The purpose of the CRM was for making s tandard solutions of iron. You are unsure as to the content of the six unknown samples.
One of the laboratories (Sports Bio and HND Ltd) agreed to carry out analyses on a Monday afternoon while the second laboratory (BMS Inc.) agreed to carry out their analyses on Friday and Thursday mornings. Both laboratories will report all of their results back to you on a weekly basis. Once all of the results have been reported back to you, your task is to write a paper on the validation exercise. In your paper you should, using the data provided:
Summarise the results of all experiments, validate and critically analyse these results.
Critically evaluate the suitability/fitness for purpose of each of the four techniques for analysing the five samples provided by comparing the results obtained
Summarise your findings
Suggest any developments that may improve the original methods used, the reporting of the data and explain why (if any) of the four methods would appear to be the best technique to use.
Discuss the process of method validation
Your discussion of the techniques and analysis of the data should focus on the key performance parameters for method validation.

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