variationist sociolinguistic study Research Paper

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– find and summarise a variationist sociolinguistic study published in a peer-reviewed journal within roughly the past six years. The article(study) should not be more than 15 pages. In order to search for the article you should use a database such as the LLBA (Linguistics and language behavior abstracts). Note: After you find the article and before you summarize it please sent it to me because I have to check with my Doctor whether the article is appropriate or not.

– Your summary of the article should include full referencing details of the article formatted according to the referencing standards of the APA 5th Edition

– Provide an overview of methodology and key findings.

– Provide a brief personal reflection on why you found the article interesting and/ or questions it raises for you.

Please follow the word count to within 10%. In other words, you must write between 450-550 words. Because I will be penalized if I go over or under.
Note that the title page and reference list do not contribute to word count.
Criteria for assessment: The summary will be assessed on:
Appropriate choice of article..
Use of appropriate referencing.
Clear discussion of methodology and key findings, while remaining in the word limit
Reflection on interesting findings or questions arising from the article.

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