Westminster System of Government;This system of Government was considered to parallel the system in England at the time Custom Essay

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Australia is said to have implemented the Westminster System of Government when the Constitution of the Commonwealth was enacted in 1901. This system of Government was
considered to parallel the system in England at the time. From your own search and knowledge, discuss this statement in terms of its truism, and then describe the differences that you have been able to determine between them.
This is a discussion board for Health Service Managers and the Law course. Criteria & Marking: you are required to provide an answer regarding the question. In addition to this each student must provide constructive feedback to the main postings made by two other students. The main answer must be appropriately referenced. However, the feedback comments may or may not be referenced depending on the nature of your comment. Main comment – Weighting 75% ? Addresses the subject and the issues raised in the question ? Evidence of an appropriate level of research regarding various concepts relating to the question ? Demonstrates an appropriate level of understanding of the theoretical principles and concepts ? Ideas are clearly articulated and coherently structured Comments regarding other students’ main comment – Weighting 25% ? Evidence of understanding of other students point of view ? Constructive feedback regarding their comments and if you agree or disagree and why Comments should be academically referenced as appropriate e.g. journal, books and e-books but NOT Wikipedia or magazines.

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