Westwood Publishing: How do changes in the workforce affect how Cassidy ought to think about communicating the new policy? Custom Essay

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Changes in the workforce affect the way this message needs to be communicated because some people do not like or adapt well to changes, especially employees that have been dedicated to a company for a long period of time. These types of employees would rather transition into retirement smoothly and on their own terms. Although communicating this type of news is never easy, �Westwood Publishing had never laid off anyone in the 16 years they have been in business�. There was a speech given in 2008 in which the CEO of Westwood assured employees that they would never be asked to leave their jobs for economic reasons. This is another example of how this news will affect the workforce because they will lose the trust of their employees. Communicating the new policy is key for the future success of Westwood Publishing. �Effective communication is essential in planning and controlling organizations objectives� (Baldoni, 2009). Cassidy will need to prepare employees for the new policy to ensure the loyalty and engagement will not be lost. �Employees as well as listening to and interacting with them to form the basis for an effective internal communication program� (Argenti, 2013). In order for Westwood Publishing to benefit from the new policy they will need to invest more time with the employees that do not get laid off. This will help people recover from the layoffs, and possible boost productivity. By boosting productivity it will keep employee morale up even though some employees will be lost. If this plan is implemented correctly it will also decrease the damage to the trust in the workplace. Employees will be able to move on. There are some organizations that �invest their efforts in helping the downsized employees move on� (Baldoni, 2009). This is an ethical approach to handle the situation. Westwood still needs to consider the employees that made it through without getting laid off, to ensure the trust in these employees. �Peter said unto him, though I should die with thee, yet will I not deny thee. Likewise also said all the disciples� (King James).

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