What are some of the current trends in juvenile probation? Custom Essay

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1. What are some of the current trends in juvenile probation?
2. What are some problems in probation that you should be aware of?
3. Every year you have to present your budget to the County Legislature. How might you do this in such a way as to get the necessary resources for your agency?

Youthful Victimization
Juvenile justice typically looks at the offender. Unfortunately, this orientation ignores the other half of the dyad involved in most delinquent acts. The victim is ignored when the focus is exclusively on the offender. Interestingly, the victim is most often another youth. It is important to consider the victim as well as the offender.
In a 2-4 page paper answer the following questions:
1. How common is youthful victimization?
2. Where can you get data on youthful victimization?
3. What are the limitations with victimization data?

Use at least two scholarly sources to support your responses. Cite your sources using APA formatting

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