What best explains International Organisations(IO) behaviour, organizational culture or the Principal Agent model? Custom Essay

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First of all when you choose which concept best explains IOs behaviour is it ‘organizational culture’ or the ‘Principal Agent model’. it is vital when you choose one concept to talk about, it is vital to talk about the other one in order to show why the concept you have chosen better explans IO behaviour. There are five things i want you to read very carefully
1. This is a concept paper, it is talking about IO’s in general it’s not concentrating on a particular organisation, you can mention some as quick examples and that’s it
2. You must use at least 8 SCHOLARLY sources media articles are NOT scholarly sources. Also if you can please sources that I can access if I wanted. Also, The two sources that I have provided MUST be used and they are very helpful to get a grasp of the two theories. One or two small direct quotes are encouraged.
3. The essay must be properly referenced with a PAGE NUMBER FOR ALL references.
4. The Essay should have an introduction, Body and Conclusion. The introduction is started with a captivating sentence, then the question is stated and your position and finally how are you going to answer the question. A conclusion is a Summary of the important points with a captivating sentence at the end.
5. PLEASE understand this is a theory paper so please make sure you understand the theories very well and then show which one is better, or how they are both right. OBVIOUSLY with the empirical evidence to back up your claims.

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