What examples of mail that comes into your home do you think mail merge might have been used? Custom Essay

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Based upon this week’s readings and resources, what kinds of things can you think of to use mail merge for in your family, school, work, or community activities?
Be sure to demonstrate that you understand the mail merge concept.

Also covered in this week is the importance of backing up your data.

What steps do you take or will you take to keep your computer safe and secure? Be thorough and specific in your plans.
Have you ever had or ever been through the trauma of losing data?
Interview two other people and report on their backup and security practices and any experiences they have had losing data.

Discussion Question 2

For this assignment, you will use Microsoft PowerPoint to advertise yourself. You should have at least ten slides of information and a title slide for your presentation.

Create a new PowerPoint presentation and save it with the file name of lastname_BrandMe.pptx.
Choose a slide design that suits you. On your first (title) slide, include a title of your choosing to introduce yourself. In the subheading, include the course number, assignment number, and your name.
Create ten slides where you can share your hobbies, interesting times in your life, or just different things about you. You should not include any personal information such as your address, social security number, student ID, or anything sensitive that you would not share with a stranger. Keep any personal information about yourself, your friends, or your family private. Make sure that whatever you choose to share is classroom-appropriate and does not contain nudity, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or anything illegal.
Include the following in your presentation to satisfy the requirements of the assignment:
A slide design (this can be a template chosen from within the program).
At least ten slides of content observing good rules for how much to put on a slide.
At least one table included in any slide (with at least three rows and three columns).
At least ten images (these can be real images or clip art and can be captured from a digital photo, a scanned document, your cell phone camera, and many other sources).
A title on each slide.
Transitions between all slides (these can all be the same type of transition and should not use too many different kinds).
At least three Web site links somewhere in the presentation.
Caption text for at least two images (real images or ClipArt).
References in the Notes section. If you did not get outside materials, please put something in the Notes section to show that you can.
An ending slide that includes citations for all images and any outside references.
Add formatting to some of your text and to at least one of your images. In the Notes section, describe what formatting you did. You can change the shape of your images, recolor your pictures, add animated images, change transitions, add sound, or just add effects such as shadow or reflection to a selection of text or an image. Use the Notes section to describe the special creative touches you added so you make sure you get credit for them. This is a chance to explore the creative features of the software. Have fun and be creative.
By Saturday, November 10, 2012, attach the presentation you created for this assignment to your response in the Discussion Area.
Comment on at least two of your classmates posts with specific and helpful feedback regarding their presentation. Remember to keep your tone positive and supportive!
For your response in the Discussion Area, share the process of creating this slideshow including challenges, new insights, and any other experiences you have had with PowerPoint.

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