What is �21st Century Education? That is a broad term with a varying definition, depending on who you ask Custom Paper

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What is �21st Century Education�? That is a broad term with a varying definition, depending on who you ask.
1. View this video: https://www.schooltube.com/video/e80cec83801c73b37c85/InfoWhelm-and-Information-Fluency
(As a warning, don’t let the video suggest that learning factual knowledge is unimportant. The NRC’s literature review of learning called How People Learn recognized that a strong mastery of factual information is important. It is how you apply and synthesize with those facts that leads to deep understanding and mastery.)
2. Take a few minutes to surf the web for some definitions from credible sites. Also, look through some of the resources below. You might also search for �21st Century Learning� and �21st Century Skills�. Here is a starting point: www.p21.org/
As an added resource, Ed Leadership published an entire issue on this topic in 2009 at www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/sept09/vol67/num01/toc.aspx
3. Synthesize and articulate a definition of your own. Informally list any references (ie, don�t fuss with APA).

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