What is the effect of combining history and fantasy on screen? Answer in relation to the movie Pan’s Labyrinth and one other film in your answer. Essay Help

Students will write a critical research essay in response to one of the set essay questions. They must choose a topic not covered in their previous assignments). They will be expected to build upon material presented in lectures and set readings, conduct independent research and present a coherent argument with evidence. You may also refer to other films/ screen media in your response. Some of the questions below can be applied to several of the films and you may refer to more than one of the films in your answer if appropriate. The required readings of the film ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ Bergero, AdrianaJ. (2014), ‘The Spanish Past in Transnational Films: The ‘Otherlands’ of Memory’, European Review, v 22, n 4,pp 632-641. Irene Go?mez-Castellano (2013), ‘Lullabies and postmemory: hearing the ghosts of Spanish history in Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth’, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, v 14, n1, pp 1-18.

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