What types of efforts did you find?

Assignment 1 Exploring Sustainability Efforts on Campus A campus cannot be a closed system. It requires inputs such as energy, food, and water. It must export its wastes, including garbage and sewage. Many campuses, whether for ethical, legal, financial, or other reasons, have sustainability efforts. These can range from the disjointed efforts of a few individuals and groups to centrally coordinated sustainability institutes. Use the internet to research and/or tour your campus with an eye to sustainability efforts. Answer the following questions: 1. What types of efforts did you find? 2. Who is running them, and why? 3. Are they coordinated? 4. How effective do you think they are, and why? 5. Are there any simple, low cost things your campus could do to decrease its footprint? Why aren’t these things being done? Define environmental sustainability 12pts, single spaced, 2 ~ 3 page. Include: Cover Letter (as attached) Title, Introduction, Findings & Discussion, Summary & Recommendations References (proper citing and will be checked) You can refer to: books or government reports, interviews, internet sites or conference proceedings, peer-reviewed journal articles. Please also include your ecological footprint.

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