“Which do you consider to be more important Supply-side economics or Demand side economics?” custom essay

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Support your answer to this question, incorporating taxation disincentives or incentives development and government spending as one way to ensure the longevity of the exponential economic impacts on Australian communities.

One of the challenges for graduating students into the business community is to formulate educated and structured thinking as to how changes will impact consumers, create incentives for investment, Individual Industries (Manufacturing and Service) and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of the economy.

Your task is to write a 2000 word essay about the statements above.
Using the basic tools of economic theory, microeconomic fundamentals, the theory of taxation, and clearly explain with research;

1. Describe some existing theorist principles in your discussion
Say’s Law
Arthur Laffer’s law
Keynesian Theory
Classical vs Neoclassical Economics
2. How taxation is used in economics – Incentives and Disincentives.
3. Explain using appropriate graphs, the exponential affects of the economy, as well as taxation pricing and your educated forecasts using “supply-side” economics” as a demand schedule. As being either a good or bad outcome to address these issues, views and the likely long term consequences of the economy and the community, and what you think would be suitable government policy for the future.

Your essay will be marked using the marking schedule below. You should note the marks awarded to each of the underlined sections.

Introduction: Identifies the main dimensions of the topic. 15%
Discussion: A logical argument based on research and critical evaluation of ideas, set out in ordered and structured paragraphs, not in disconnected sentences: 45%
Conclusion: Summarises supporting evidence, restates key points without introducing any new ideas. 15%
General: The writer is ‘in control’, and does not get bogged down in masses of theory and ideas pulled from readings. All matter introduced supports the main line of reasoning. The essay has a simplicity and inevitability about it that show it was planned out with care. Creativity is evident. 20%
Presentation: Simple and clear sentence structure; correct spelling, punctuation and grammar; correct and consistent referencing and bibliographic style . 5%

Also I am an international student who undertaking bachelor of accounting course in australia. My native language isnt english, so therefore i would like to see an essay less profesional than a native english speaker.

When my writer works on this case study i would like him or her to consider that this case going to be handled in an Australian educational institution so it need to be meet with the australian standards and it should be based on the textbook we are using for this subject and some research from australian websites.

Please do not forget that its going to be made for an international student so it should be simplifield, but should meet the criteries it has been provided in the case study outline.
For additional. For referencing we use the harvard system of referencing.

For Additional. For referencing we use harvard system reference.


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