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1). Choose a term from the list provided by your instructor (see attachments). If you’d like to use a word not on the list, check with your instructor first.
2) Look the chosen term up in one or more of the editions of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) listed in ?Reference Sources in Shields Library, a study-aid also provided by your instructor (see attachments). You may also consult other dictionaries or encyclopedias if you like. If you’d like to do this and aren’t sure which ones to consult, your instructor is glad to help.
3). Study the entries for information about the word’s origins and how the word has been used.
4) Write a narrative or essay, using an informal style, summarizing the results of your investigation.
5). Cite which reference source(s) you used. In creating a bibliographic reference for this purpose, use any format that lists the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, and the year of publication. If citing an online resource, give the title of the work, the web address (url, purl, etc) and the date last accessed.

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