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Work place Report Topics:

Developing and managing effective teams
Productive management of diversity/cross cultures (add definition and investigate within the organisation)
add some theories that are relevant to the investigation, such as group and teams, personality perception , international organisation behaviour, motivation.

Within your analysis you should discuss how you would expect the organisation to be managed based on the relevant theory or textbook suggestions. You should then analyse how it is actually managed, and note the differences from your theoretical expectations. In doing so, you should seek answers to questions such as:
( headings)
How does the organisation conform to the theory on the two areas identified above?
Are there differences between theory and practice?
If your answer is ‘yes’ to the preceding questions, what are the reasons for these differences?
Write relevant specific recommendations for your organisation; for example, suggestions for change, and/or further development, for each of the above two concepts.

the organisation i would like you to investigate is LS Travel Retail Pacific.

You should identify your connection with the chosen organisation, for example, employee, employer, etc.

Note: an organisation chart should be included in your presentation as an appendix.

Setting out Suggestion:
One way to present the information is to turn the page to ‘landscape’ and divide the page in half. On the left-hand side, set out, in point form, what the references suggest would be appropriate, and on the right-hand side, indicate what your organisation is actually doing.

Assessment of the second assignment will be based on the following criteria:

Clear explanations, analysis and discussion
Evidence of research and investigation
Actual presentation, introduction, appropriate headings and sub-headings, conclusion, reference list, correct referencing; innovation of presentation is encouraged
Late assignments that do not have approved extensions will incur penalties—5% a day. Note that this includes weekends.
Explanation of grade sheet criteria

Expected (theory)
Comprehension of theory

Range of sources

Relevant to topic

Actual (practice)
Specific examples given if “actual” is same as “expected”

Differences (between theory and practice)
Clearly explained

Reasons given if possible; for example, cultural differences

Supported by the literature


Realistic in context of background of Organisation

Number of references
Are there fewer than 8 or many more?

Are the references relevant?

Has the Harvard system of referencing been used?

Are the references current or dated?

Reference list
Has the reference list been correctly used?

Are only Authors acknowledged in the body of the assignment in the Reference list?

Are the Authors presented in alphabetical order of family name?

Has the student gone beyond text books and lecture notes and used journals, the internet, and other sources?

If the internet has been used, are the sources credible?

If the internet has been used, has the date of access been included in the reference list?

suggested presentation (title page, executive summary, introduction, scope and limitation discussion , conclusion recommendation, references. use resources not older than 2008 thanks

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