You must prioritize the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, as they fit into your life Custom Essay

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You must prioritize the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, as they fit into your life. This paper will be the first step towards your Behavior Change for the semester.
Once you have ranked the 7 dimensions, please provide a rationale as to why you ranked this in the spot you did. Which dimension is the most important to you? Which dimension is the least important? Continue to rank them until all 7 dimensions have been listed. Why does one dimension fall higher or lower than another?
You should write roughly one paragraph for each dimension (5-6 sentences).
The 7 Dimensions of Wellness are:
Lastly, write a paragraph on a behavior that you would like to change throughout the semester. Use your ranking of the 7 dimensions as a guide to help you decipher what behavior you may want to change. Your final paragraph should include the following information:
What behavior do you want to change?
How did you come to this decision?
Why do you want to change this behavior?
Which dimension of wellness does this behavior fit into?
Some examples of behavior changes in the past include alcohol use, tobacco cessation, nutrition and dieting, exercise and fitness plans, sleep cycles, and study tactics.

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