Your Critical Thinking Essay (CTE) should be analytical and relevant to the topic Custom Essay

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Your Critical Thinking Essay (CTE) should be analytical and relevant to the topic, a minimum of 500 words. (15 points for your own posting, and 5 points for your comments on at least two other postings by your fellow students.) Your comments on other essays should be around 100 words long. (See your syllabus for more detail.) Please post your answer under Critical Thinking Essay 5 on our Discussion Board. Any sign of plagiarism will result in zero grades.

Note: in addition to your textbook you need to utilize at least two outside sources as well. You are not allowed to use the Wikipedia as your main two sources. At the bottom of your essay cite at least two outside sources that you have used to complete your assignment. Give the author (s)’ names, publication date, name of article, and the source where you found the article (i.e. printed books, journals or Internet web site) respectively. Read Your Syllabus for further instructions.

Select one of the following questions and after watching assigned documentaries and conducting necessary research answer to the best of your acquired knowledge. Before writing your essay, please read the assigned readings from your textbooks, watch assigned documentaries, and do some preliminary research utilizing relevant academic outside sources (i.e. books, articles, Internet sites.) You need to make references to your textbooks, assigned documentaries, and outside sources within the body of your essay.

Question 1. Turkey is the only Muslim country that does not allow its female population using some public governmental buildings while wearing their Islamic veil (hijab). What are your thoughts on this policy? Do you think Turkey has a crisis of identity? Elaborate on your answer.

Assigned documentaries

1. PBS Frontline: Muslims: Frontline explores these and other questions in “Muslims,” a special two-hour film examining the different faces of Islam’s worldwide resurgence and the fundamental tenets of the faith. Reporting from Iran, Nigeria, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, and the United States, and drawing on the perspectives of leading scholars this program tells the stories of Muslims struggling to define how Islam will shape their lives and societies. This documentary is available through PSU Middle East Center and major public libraries.(

2. Women and Veil (PBS Frontline 2002):

3. Religion in Secular Turkey (

Question 2. Should Iran have access to nuclear power technology? Why? Why Not? Elaborate on your answer and give specific examples.

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