Your focus should be on why Raphael is considered to be such an important Renaissance artist Custom Essay

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This required reading a specific book, not all of it though, just the part about this chapter, and a chapter before it to give you a better context. Also, instructions are on this website, the professor is very anal about what she wants.

Both require 1750+ words. For the first part of Unit 4 you will be concentrating on the artist Raphael. While I do want you to include some information about how Raphael’s career developed, I do NOT need a biography about him. I only want the part that relates to his growth as an artist.
•Your focus should be on why Raphael is considered to be such an important Renaissance artist.
•Why does he stand out as the iconic Renaissance artist. What do you see in his work that makes it so important?
•Why is his work seen as the culmination of the trends and techniques that preceded him?
•You will need to examine his works carefully and think about the works of the other artists you have studied this semester. Do you see a difference in Raphael’s treatment of the human figure? Of emotion? Of scenery or the background? Of colors, light?

Although no annotations are required I do suggest that you use outside reference materials to support your observations. I will award up to 3 points of extra credit for the inclusion of good, scholarly resources in your bibliography. This means you should be using some material from these sources in your paper.

Proofread your paper in addition to using spell check before submission. Make sure you have read the syllabus and that you have correctly targeted your paper. Careful editing always creates a stronger more focused paper. And be sure to include images with captions for all works discussed.

A bibliography for our purposes is a list of all relevant sources that you have referred to for your paper. I would like you to keep this separate from your “Works Cited,” which should be a list of the sources that you actually quoted or used material from directly.

•Give the author’s last name first in each entry
•If a work is by more than one author, it is listed under the first author’s last name
•Anonymous works are listed by title at the appropriate alphabetical place, including the initial article, if any (The, A, An), but alphabetizing the work under the next word. Thus the citation of an anonymous book called The Impressionists would include “The,” but the book would be alphabetized under “I.”
•Each entry should be single-spaced, beginning flush left. If the entry runs onto a second line, the subsequent lines should be indented
•Double space between entries
•Italicize book titles

For our purposed your annotated bibliography should be embedded within your bibliography which is arranged in alphabetical order.
•The annotations should run approximately 10 sentences (sentences, not fragments!)
•The sentences should be in essay format
•Give me a review of what the site’s purpose was, or what the book or article’s main idea was. What does the book or site explore? This does not mean a summary of the source
•Include whether you thought the source was helpful or not, and why
•If an internet site, was it easy or difficult to navigate?

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