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Discrimination due to disability starts at an early age when the child starts attending classes. They are discriminated when being admitted to school because they are mentally or physically challenged. At a later age they are also discriminated by being denied equal access to employment opportunities in private and public sectors. The aged are also discriminated and they may loss their job due to their age and to some extent they are even discriminated at home and some time abused. Those who have been discriminated have been fighting for their rights which have forced the government to legislate laws which will protect them.

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That all workers should be valued based on their qualification and experience but not their physical disability. They should not be discriminated when hiring, Job training, retaining, promotions considerations and their terms of employment should be like of any other with the same qualification, experience and in the same Job group (Rocco, Et al. 2006).

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In conclusion Old workers are being affected on their employment as workplaces are changing very first to keep up with changing technology and needs of employers which are very often and first.

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