Activity Report- Blog Post Custom Essay

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Write a blog activity report to clients on where your “imaginary”; company is now (part sales part activity)
Instructions and Guidelines: this is supposed to be written in blog post format. Provide details on the status of tasks involved in major workplace projects. The imaginary company is a month away from being launched. The company is an International Teahouse lounge. Please be descriptive and give a lot of detail.
Background about the imaginary company:
International Tea house is a high-class tea lounge providing a worldwide assortment of teas and edible treats. Vicka, Parandzem, Sydney and myself, who come from a melting pot of tea drinking cultures, founded ITH with the vision to share their diverse culture to Los Angeles. We are currently located in West Hollywood, CA right on Melrose and La Cienega Blvd. We strive to provide excellent customer care and satisfaction to meet the needs of our cultured clients. In addition to our great customer care, our teas are handpicked by some of the world’s renowned tea experts.
ITH have scoured the world to procure the finest teas available to serve our refined array of clientele. We import teas from China, Russia, North Africa, The Middle East, England and India. To make our tea lounge more interesting we created country themed rooms to represent each variety of tea. We chose to do this because we want to appeal to customers with different cultural backgrounds to help them feel at home or experience a different culture that may be new to them. For example we have a London room that exhibits a mini Big Ben, a red phone booth (specific to England), blueberry scones to go with their tea and guards in red coats that do not move (like Buckingham Palace). Another example is the Middle Eastern room, which would have hookah, traditional floor seating specific to the Middle East, Persian rugs, and gold pillars.

The goal for our company is to not just make a profit but to enrich our clients with an experience they wont be able to get without traveling to those countries. We believe tea is a universal medium that intertwines cultures and brings people together to share a common bond. Instead of taking a 20-hour flight to Russia or to the Middle East visit International Tea House for an experience you can only get half way around the world.

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