The Devil Your term project is a combination of a presentation and summary paper Custom Essay

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The Devil Your term project is a combination of a presentation and summary paper. The presentation must address the following points:
What culture is the monster from?
What are its history and origins? (These can be broken up)
What kind of monster is it?
What does it look like?
How does it fit into the scheme that we have used in the course: although you should cover all of the ways it could fit into more than one, you MUST CHOOSE ONLY ONE to finally endorse (Monsters around us, ones we created, or ones within ourselves)?
What fear or fears does it represent for that culture?
Are there pop culture references connected to this monster?
What are they & how do they, if they do, change the perception of the monster?
You must also create an annotated bibliography, that includes fiction and non-fiction sources, that covers this monster (minimum of 5 entries each person).
When presenting: Do not read off of the screen. Learn your material ahead of time. Do not have overlap between sections. Make yourselves clear to the class. Even presentations must be organized.
The monsters are: Golem, Chupacabra, Big Foot/Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, Yeti/Abominable Snowman, the Devil, Chthonian/Chthulu, Cyclops, Griffon, Chimera, Troll, Ogre, Giant, Mokele-Mbeme, and Witches/Warlocks
If there is one not on the list that you would like to cover, you must have me approve it.
Most importantly, please remember that the paper is an essay, not a prose list of things you found. You must have an introduction with some kind of thesis. You must have a conclusion, not merely dangle off into space. You must have transitions between ideas or topics. You will need analysis and synthesis, especially when it comes to: why. Why this culture, Why this historic moment, Why still, Why is it interesting to pop culture, Why these fears, and so on.

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