Answer the questions please; What is the minimal certainty Research Paper

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1) What is the minimal certainty?
2) In seven words, once that is established, what is the minimal certainty coupled with to give us our bases of ethics or spirituality? The first word is, existence?
3) Put another way in the book, one can say in five words, what? The first word is, I.
4) So, from the above, what is the other necessary ingredient in the grounding for our purely human ethic or spirituality?
5) Since we established in class and in the books that we are what kind of matter?
6) This being the case, what is the fundamental tension within every human being?
7) Give the soup analogy and briefly explain.
8) In our Purely Human Spirituality we go first to find the Source of all being, God, right?
9-13) What are the four basic questions of conscious matter?
14-15) In Quest what is the model we use for mind and brain simultaneity? Why?
16) What is the beginning of everything and everywhere?
17-18) Why didn?t we start with law as the basis of ethics? Give the latter of ethics starting with law?
19) Give a brush-stroke explanation of nihilism, existentialism, and metaphysics.
20) Briefly, Hegel did what with regards to God?
21-23) Besides the will to power in his early stages, Nietzsche drove on to his main philosophical concept, what was it? He brings this out in a book titled what? And actually shows in an action; please describe that action and what it tells us.
24) In a brief phrase, what is the end result of nihilism with regards to ethics?
25) In ?The Cave of Forgotten Dreams? what fundamental quality about humans did we learn?
26-27) Give the two real (i.e. non-mathematical) dimensions Quest brings out? And what scope is the book talking about when it uses the word scope in this regard?
28) In Candide?s ride though the rainforest, what does the book say it is trying to show?
29) What did the Delphic Oracle command?
30-31) What was Planck?s first wall, and what was his second?
32) What does the Latin word haecceitas mean as translated in Venture?
33) There is an interesting encounter with a bag lady, what does it bring out?
34) The Greek philosopher Parmenides?s famous phrase, ??? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ??, ?Useful is the letting to lie-before-us also taking to heart too??what? And how does that relate to this course?

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